Trusted Blown Mulch Company in South Florida

We offer a variety of blow much services and mulch installation in South Florida. Feel free to contact us regarding your next project we would love to talk mulch with you!


Mulching is one of the most-used landscaping techniques that not only protects the soil surface, but also enhances plant growth and gives your garden or property a natural, rustic appearance. Advanced Mulch, a renowned name of the landscaping industry, offers highest quality mulch products and mulching services to its customers in South Florida. The company takes pride in serving its customers with best quality services at the right price and helps them create a sound soil structure and accomplish the results they desire from their landscaping investment.


From office buildings to strip malls to large scale commercial projects, Advanced Mulch is all too familiar with the challenges associated with these types of jobs and we work

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Whether your property needs 20 cubic yards or 2000 cubic yards, no worries here, Advanced Mulch will relieve you of the burden and complete the job in a fraction of the time;

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Golf Courses

Simplify your Golf Course Mulching while saving time and money! Did you know that Advanced Mulch has been servicing Golf Courses for over 17 years? We are the only mulch

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When it comes to children’s safety, we will not take risks. Playground surfacing material  is an integral part of a playground and often times playgrounds are lacking the adequate

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