Why blow mulch instead of spreading it by hand?

Blown mulch saves time and money. For instance, when installing with bag mulch you are using manual labor which becomes exhausting, requires more manpower and you will need to position the bags throughout the property for install as well as dispose of empty bags and pallets. When installing from a bulk delivery, again you will need additional manpower to shovel mulch into wheel barrows and wheel to location of install as well as a staging area for the mulch delivery. Of course, this is assuming your plant beds are not spread over a large area; if mulching a large or medium size property, this option will not be feasible and is extremely labor intensive and quite exhausting. With blown on mulch, the truck arrives with 2 to 3 workers and simply blows the mulch in place moving easily form plant bed to plant bed.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, estimates are always free.

What is the minimum area your company will mulch?

Our minimum install in Palm Beach County is 20cy and outside of Palm Beach County is 50cy. The area of coverage will depend on the depth requested, one of our experienced estimators can assist you in recommendations.

Does blow mulch damage existing plants?

The quality of your mulch install is directly related to the experience of the installer. An inexperienced installer can certainly wreak havoc on a property! You can rest assured that our installers are trained and experienced in blow on mulch application. Matter of fact, our installers have been employed for many years. We are proud to say that we have a small employee turnover which is the key to quality workmanship.

How dirty or loud is the mulch blowing process?

The blower trucks are equipped with a patented blower system that essentially “blows” the mulch out of the hose, the trucks will make noise when installing mulch; however no different than lawn crews on property with mowers, edger’s and backpack blowers. There is a dust factor associated with blowing mulch and crews are equipped with backpack blowers to neatly tidy up the plant beds and remove mulch dust from hard surfaces. Again much like lawn crews blowing off grass clippings except a little easier of a process and not as messy.

Are you able to reach hard to access areas?

Yes, the trucks can be equipped with 500 feet or more of blower hose. When it comes to accessibility issues, we will assess the property and provide recommendations taking into consideration pedestrian traffic, safety and logistics. Basically if it can be done, we will map out a plan. In circumstances where it is not possible to blow in the mulch, we will advise and provide recommendations for the best approach in accessing the hard to reach area(s).

What is the recommended thickness of blow mulch installation?

Generally speaking if your property is mulched on an annual basis you will have a small base of mulch, therefore 1 ½” depth is sufficient when blowing in mulch. If your plant beds are showing bare dirt you may want to consider a 2” depth.

What are the benefits of mulch

Mulch is one of the most valuable tools of low-maintenance landscapes. The many benefits of mulch are:

  • Reduces the amount of weeds by inhibiting the germination of weed seeds
  • Retains water thereby reducing water use  as well as slows moisture evaporation.
  • Moderates soil temperature acting as a buffer from heat and cold temperatures.
  • Organic mulches help improve the soil’s fertility as they decompose.
  • Mulching also prevents erosion , it keeps rain water from washing away the soil by breaking the fall of the rain water; this results in lessening the force when the water impacts the ground.
  • Organic mulches can encourage earthworms which help improve soil structure.
  • Mulch adds decorative value to landscape beds.

How do i know how much mulch I will need?

The quantity of mulch required is based upon the area of landscapes beds and the desired depth. It’s best to allow one of experienced estimators measure your landscape beds in order to provide adequate coverage and depth recommendations.

What are the advantages of using Playground Mulch and what depth of much should be applied to playground areas?

The depth will depend upon the critical fall height of the playground equipment which can vary based on the type of equipment. Generally speaking 9” to 12” of Certified Playground Mulch will be required around the fall and use zones. Equally important to the required depth is to make sure that your playground mulch is specifically designed for playgrounds and has the appropriate ASTM Certifications to ensure the safety of the children.